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A quick look at some of the bands that have come through the Rooster. Some stick around, some only come by once, but if you're interested in more info, check them out below.

Night Train

"Night Train is comprised of 4 veterans of the D/FW bar circuit and are certainly not strangers to many stages in the area, if any at all. With Larry Campion (vocals, guitar), Kit Harper (lead guitar), Robert Yahne (drums), and David Downum (bass, vocals) sharing the stage, there is a virtual guarantee that the night is gonna be a great one.

The level of talent and showmanship of Night Train is evident from the first note all the way through the end of the night, and many audiences have been witness to the party that is led by this powerful combination of performance, humor, and song selection. A good time is waiting to be had with every show!

Larry, Kit, & David being former bandmates in popular modern rock cover band Undercover just provides an instant chemistry. The addition of Robert on drums just rounds out this powerful roster with his natural and effortless style behind the kit. The combination of this solid rhythm section, blistering rock-n-roll leads, and vocal harmonies is always sure to get a room going. Come and see for yourself, you will never be disappointed!" - Night Train

Website: Night Train Website | Night Train Facebook Page

The Dalton Gang

Website: Dalton Gang Website | Dalton Gang Facebook

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Day of the Dog

Day Of The Dog is a hard rock cover band from Dallas Texas. We play mainly heavier covers that interest us as musicians and songs that an audience may not hear from a typical bar band.

Hard Rock cover band - Aerosmith, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Godsmack, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Metallica, Ozzy, RATM, Rush, STP, Toadies, Tool, White Zombie, ZZ Top, etc...

Website: Day of the Dog Facebook

Benton Lawson

"Benton Lawson leads this powerful trio of strong musicians through an adventure of soulful rock, funk, and blues, delivering music that has an attitude you can feel. The band can only be described as rock solid with a chemistry every audience can hear and see. The Benton Lawson Project sounds like and covers Black Keys, JJ Grey & Mofro, Lenny Kravitz, The Heavy, Prince, Doyle Bramhall II, Ian Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Black Crowes, and many more."

Website: Benton Lawson Website | Facebook: Benton Lawson Facebook

Blue Twenty2s

"... They came out with a bang! in December 2011. In the beginning, From a rising Texas country band called Grayson county Line who had been on the scene for around 10 years and had created a good fan base but had fell apart due to personality conflicts. Graysons front man Shane Parker and loyal friend Peter Grothe and a very talented keyboard player and vocalist from LA California Lolesio Pua came together and decided to try a new project.

They wanted to stand away from the crowd and create a new style of music and the way people view bands and take it to a new level by playing any and everything they wanted.. This talented and impressive group of friends have created a new mix of diverse styles of music that combines Texas Country, Alternative Rock, Pop, Ska and Reggae to form what they like to call "Raska" Music, Guaranteed to get everyone jumping out of their seats dancing or even bobbin their heads and singing along, creating a sound leaving people wanting more! The Members of the Group are Shane Parker (Lead Vocals), Lolesio Pua (Keyboards and Vocals) and Peter Grothe (Bass Guitar)..." - Blue Twenty2s

Website: Blue Twenty2s Reverbnation Page | Facebook: Blue Twenty2s on Facebook

Coby McDonald

Website: Coby McDonald Website

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Kevin Deal

Time was - and not so long ago-that country was strictly working man's music. Working women, too, of course-and we're talking hard work here. Knuckle-busting, foot flattening, slow-to-get-up, work that has ya leaving (and returning) home in the dark in a dinged-up pickup truck that's actually used to haul things. And then, figuring out which overdue bill gets paid next. Yep, time was it was working man's music - in Kevin Deal's case, it still is.

Website: Kevin Deal Band Website | Kevin Deal Facebook

Shotgun Friday

A pure, raw hillbilly tour of American music, original and otherwise. You ain't heard nothin' like it and never will again. Unless you come to another show. Which you should.

Shotgun Friday Facebook

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Tyler Rogers Band

ROCK N' ROLL, BLUES ROCK, RED DIRT, AMERICANA, TEXAS COUNTRY, POST-MODERN SOUTHERN ROCK call it what you want we just call it good music. The Tyler Rogers Band has been traversing the great state of Texas and surrounding areas for nearly 4 years now and have collected a legitimate fan base throughout the state during that time. With the release of their sophomore album "The Other Side" in the summer of 2014 and consequent releases of two singles to Texas radio ("Higher Than Willie" & "Find A Way") they garnered much love from the Texas airwaves and are looking forward to making a big splash with their third studio album set to be released sometime in 2016.

Website: Tyler Rogers Band Website | Tyler Rogers Band Facebook

Generation Wasted

We decided to start a band just as a good excuse to invite our friends out and get wasted. We've been having a blast since and would not have it any other way.

Website: Generation Wasted Facebook


Hanna Barbarians

"The Hanna Barbarians are a Rock and Roll band from Fort Worth, Texas. Their influences derive from certain classic rock idols with the tongue-punchyness of drunken partyboy fantasm. Combined with an explosion of wet-dream-like, passionately heated, love-me-down flavor, they will be taking over a town near you, fevered with the passion of a thousand wine-drunk virgin soccer moms trying to escape the daily grind of their mediocre existence."

Website: The Hanna Barbarians ReverbNation | Facebook: The Hanna Barbarians Facebook

Heroes of Rejection

"Heroes of Rejection is an up and coming band in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex with a strong stage presence, good live sound, and a fun attitude.

Our music influences range based on each member of the band, but together they blend creating an energetic live sound. These influences include a wide range of artists from the classic rock bands of the 70ís and 80ís such as Ac/Dc and Aerosmith; to the alternative rock bands of the 90ís; and the current rock bands heard today on the radio such as Nickelback, Alice in Chains, and Metallica.

All of our influences are high energy songs that the crowd can identify with and enjoy.

Website: Heroes of Rejection Website | Facebook: Heroes of Rejection Facebook

Kim Younkin

"Kim Younkin has been performing since the age of nine, and has entertained audiences throughout the United States.

Ronnie Milsap, Tanya Tucker, and Dr. Hook have utilized Kim's talents as an opening act on some of their tour dates. Kim's music video "Cadillac" played to nationwide audiences on MTV, and won the "Basement Tapes Competition". HBO and several other programs such as "Texas Hit Review" have aired the video.

Kim writes his own music and lyrics. He plays several instruments including lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, twelve string guitar, trumpet, piano and drums. He performs lead guitar and vocals with his own bass and drum tracks which he recorded himself. This gives Kim the sound of a full band, enabling him to play at larger venues." - KimYounkin.com

Website: Kim Younkin Website

Michael Lee Band

The Michael Lee Band was started at the end of a previous band called "Last Call". The Michael Lee Band will continue where Last Call left off, providing a fun, professional, and lively performance at every gig.

Website: Michael Lee Band Website | Facebook: Michael Lee Band Facebook

The Roomsounds

"The Roomsounds are a Dallas, Texas based American rock & roll band. Their rootsy, back-to-basics approach evokes an era of 60's and 70's rock royalty. The band puts their freewheeling, youthful spin on timeless rock paved way by their tuneful forefathers like Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Stones."

Website: The Roomsounds Website | Facebook: The Roomsounds Facebook

Sugarfoote & Company

Website: Sugarfoote & Company Facebook